Real Estate

Purchasing, selling, or investing in real estate represents many opportunities to our clients. A house becomes a home for a family. A building becomes future growth for a business. A vacation estate fulfills the dream of a lifetime. 


At MW Brady Law, our staff understands the excitement, and anxiety, that can accompany the decision to purchase real estate. Attorneys Mike Brady and Dale Hauser III and their staff are experts with both the common and unique challenges individuals and businesses face when buying or selling property.

Call (708) 532-3655 to begin your journey with a team you will trust.

Owning a home inspection business, I have the opportunity to work with a significant number of real estate attorneys. Having worked with MWBrady Law on numerous occasions, I am consistently impressed with Mike Brady and his team. They are professional, timely, easy to do business with and genuinely take their clients best interest as their main purpose. I have not once heard anything less than rave reviews from my customers as they work with Mike and his team. 

-Gary Daggett, Daggett Property Inspections

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