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There are many ways to structure your new business or existing business. Each business entity has advantages and drawbacks that will affect the business as a whole. Only a couple of those choices may be a good fit for you and the specifics of your situation.


MW Brady Law can help determine a good fit for you based on the specifics of your situation for your business, whether it is formations, succession planning, or contract creation. Attorneys Mike Brady, Dale Hauser III, and their team are available to help you start your new endeavor.


Call (708) 532-3655 to begin your journey with a team you will trust.

Mike has represented my businesses for several years. His commitment to my companies is unmatched. He proactively ensures that my businesses are in order and legally compliant. I'd recommend him for any services as I know he is capable of handling the task.


-DeAndre L. Rucker, Rucker Holding, Inc.

Mike Brady
Dale Hauser III
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