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The Law Offices of M. W. Brady Law Firm, P.C. understand the needs of small and medium-sized                      contract signing
businesses and is available to assist in all areas of business planning, formation,
transactions, and contracts. Our firm understands that the current economic climate
and will work to meet the unique and constantly changing needs of your business.

We have experience assisting clients who are just starting out or revising current procedures. Our attorneys are able to provide advice regarding entity selection and formation and we can draft entity selection and formation, bylaws, operating agreements, partnership agreements, non-compete agreements, shareholder agreements, and employment contracts, handbooks, and separation agreements.

Michael Brady is also well versed with mergers and acquisitions, sale or purchase of a business, real estate contracts including zoning, land use, and construction; and construction contracts including development and financing.

Whatever your small or medium sized business concerns, we have the experience to help answer your questions and guide you through transitions. We recognize that your business needs are a constantly changing and isn’t just your source of income, but generally your life’s work. Let us help guide you through the day to day and plan for the future. The Law Offices of Michael W. Brady is also able to help keep your business running smoothly during stressful life events or business relationship transitions, and offer business succession planning services. We can help you develop a seamless transition plan in the event that you or one of your partners decides to retire or is unable to work, transfers a business interest to another, becomes divorced, and for countless other life events that can alter the way your business operates. Let us help you avoid the risk of business interruption in the event of an already stressful life transition by developing a clear and explicit business succession plan that meets the individual needs of your business to keep things running smoothly.

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