Estate Planning

No matter what your assets or wealth it is important to set up a plan for the distribution of
property and care of minor children in the event of your death. We are here to help you
with the process and offer advice for what fits your family and your wishes.

We can help you draft a will, power of attorney, health care directive/living will, and create a trust to make certain that you and your family are taken care of. This area of law is constantly evolving, just as your financial situation, assets, and personal life does as you age. In order to ensure that your plan continues to fit your needs and wishes, we will follow-up with a yearly meeting to discuss these changes in the law or your financial situation to ensure that your estate plan is accurate and continues to meet your needs.

At M. W. Brady Law Firm, P.C. we realize that Estate Planning can be a stressful time and typically involves personal and sometimes sensitive discussions. Let us help you make this a painless process and offer the peace of mind of knowing that your family and small business is provided for in a way that fits your needs.

Asset Protection

We live in a society where lawsuits are commonplace.  People sue one another over just about anything and in many instances are victorious regardless of how frivolous a lawsuit may appear.  This holds especially true for Professionals such as physicians, dentists, lawyers, business owners, and real estate developers whom face a constant threat of lawsuits from patients, clients and government agencies.  However, sometimes it’s a family member that may need protection from themselves.  Those that will inherit your hard-earned assets may lack the maturity to manage a large inheritance or have a dependency that to drugs or alcohol.

The M. W. Brady Law Firm, P.C. can provide the guidance that individuals, families and owners of closely-held companies need in understanding the risks they face.  Utilizing a number of different techniques and strategies, including family limited partnerships, limited liability companies, domestic trusts, irrevocable trusts, and equity stripping, among others; we can create a custom Asset Protection Plan based upon the unique circumstances involved and the protection objectives of each individual client